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August 29, 2005

More Lies on Talk Radio

So Jesse Jackson meet with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez over the weekend and said that the two countries should work out their differences through diplomacy. Here's how Russ Fine told the story:

First of all Russ says the Birmingham News cleverly buried the story on page 7A. You see the liberal newspapers don't want to tell you the truth about their hero Jesse. The cover of the paper was all about college football, obviously a distraction from their hidden agenda.

Russ explained that Chavez wasn't really fairly elected by the people of Venezuela and the fact that Jimmy Carter was there to monitor the election doesn't mean anything. After all, why should we trust a Nobel Peace Prize winning former U.S. president like Carter when ol' Russ must have some hidden unnamed source keeping him abreast of South American politics?

Furthermore, Russ called Jackson a traitor because, "like so many other liberals, he goes to foreign countries and criticizes the United States." Here we have to assume that Pat Robertson, who called for the assassination of Chavez and was the target of Jackson's criticisms, actually speaks for America. When Pat says stuff like, "there is no such thing as separation of church and state," and "(Congress) can ignore a Supreme Court ruling if they so choose," he's the voice of the entire nation. I also like the way he heals people through the television. It's amazing that god gives him just enough information to appear to be faking it but not that little extra knowledge, like names and addresses, to prove to all of us that he really does have magical powers.

Anyway, Russ goes on to say Jackson has no moral athority because he has a "bastard" child in California. Certainly being both Black and a Democrat Jackson is fair game for the Right. How dare he call for diplomacy when the true Americans are calling for blood?