You decide to follow Tamera as she swings north toward the intergalactic spaceport. Day's turn into weeks as you traverse swampland and rainforest following the auburn haired jungle girl. At night Tamara lights a fire and you linger hungrily at the edges of her campsite like the craved scavenger you are. Eventually you reveal yourself and beg the tiger girl for a scrap to eat. She tosses you a piece of fatty gristle which you gratefully devour.

You beg for another bite.

"That's enough table scraps for you," barks Tamera, "I'll give you the same thing I used to give my loyal saber-toothed tiger, Roger, gods rest his soul." She now proceeds to pour you up a heaping bowl of tiger chow. You take a bite

"It tastes like dog food," you comment.

Tamera looks at you with the expression of surprise, "It can't be dog food, it's made out of dogs."

You run behind the bushes and relieve yourself of the free meal. When you feel better you ask Tamera where she's heading. As for an answer she pulls a flashlight out of her skimpy tiger girl outfit and points it up to her face. "Do I look scary?" she asks.

"Not really," you reply.

"Oh well," Tamera complains, "this sure would be a lot more effective if I looked scary."

"Okay, okay, you look scary."

"I'm headed for...dun, dun...dun...Biltmore Castle...high above Red Mountain on the Planet EARTH!," moans the temptress followed by a poor imitation of the sound of thunder and an evil laugh.



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