Here, in the jungle oasis of Sierra the desert planet you find Tamera the Tiger Girl swinging among the branches like some damn hollywood chimp. A giant boa constrictor drops out of a tree and wraps itself around you. Tamera swings down, ties the huge snake's tail around its "neck" and tosses it into a nearby pool of quicksand. Before you can say thank you a dozen or so enormous tarantulas begin swarming up your pants legs. Tamera reaches her hands down your pants and starts popping the golf ball size craniums of the little bastards. When the threat is past she swings away leaving you to remove the bloody spider cadavers from your trousers. Behind you you hear a rustling in the bushes. You turn around to see a charging rhino. From a hundred yards away Tamera lobs a coconut and K.O.s the beast. She yells down to you, "Be careful you moron, I've got better things to do than constantly save your ass. It's almost time for All My Children." She swings off.

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