As you swagger down Bourbon Street you realize that much of the entertainment of the area seems to revolve around alcohol. Just as you find yourself deeply engrossed in minding your own business a street hustler runs over to you and yanks at your shirtsleeve. "Bet you five dolla' I can tell you where you gots them shoes."

Recognizing the old con you answer, "I know, I know...on Bourbon Street."

"Oh no, at the Five and Dime on Alpha Centauri 4." replies the hustler.

"Now how in the Hell could you know that?" you ask.


"Fair enough." You hand the con man a fin.

You see a Zebra girl standing conspicuously outside a burlesque joint appropriately named the Booby Trap.

Beside you you notice a drunk girl screaming about impending doom.


If you want to wander out of the French Quarter and into down town click here.

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