Vivien grew up with Anna Himalaya. She has always been insanely jealous of the girl she feels destroyed her life. Anna got to play Juliet in their Jr. High production while Vivian had to play Friar Laurence. Anna was elected homecoming queen while Vivien wasn’t so much elected as forced to unload trucks at Wal-Mart to pay for her Dad’s heroin habit. While Anna dated the captain of the football team, Vivian was being molested by her creepy uncle Eddie and his drinking buddies.

After graduation Anna received a scholarship to Harvard Law School while Vivien had to work her way through Podunk Community College as a Geek biting the heads off chickens in a traveling carnival.

As the years past Vivien’s jealousy of Anna mounted. When Anna was begged by Cosmopolitan Magazine to be a cover model and soon afterward stared as herself on Broadway in a musical based on her diplomatic work in Paris for the UN, Vivien finally lost it. She locked herself in a dirty shack up in the mountains and didn’t come out for two years.

When the police finally came to evict her, because the shack had to be demolished to make room for a Starbucks, she was huddled in the fetal position, chewing on her hair, muttering, “kill, Anna, kill Anna,” over and over again.

It only made things worse that Anna had always been in the habit of calling Vivien and saying things like, “Look at me, look at me you big loser, ha ha ha ha ha!”