Norma Jean

Norma Jean is the hardest working prostitute in the city. She’s been known to service as many as three or four hundred Johns in a single night. But Norma Jean has a secret. She’s really a man. Not an easy secret to keep given her chosen profession. If her true sexual identity were to be let out of the bag her career would be ruined.

As everyone knows, Anna Himalaya has a big mouth. Back when she was alive she couldn’t keep her cake hole closed. Anna knew Norma Jean’s secret because they used to date back in High School. Back then Norma Jean was the captain of the football team and quite a ladies man. He/she was known as Norman Jean and could have had his pick of any girl in the city. But he just had eyes for Anna Himalaya. When she left Norma Jean for a slightly more successful football captain from a rival team, he/she swore off women forever. More than that, he swore off being a man forever.

Recently Anna Himalaya had been threatening to produce an expose’ on the evening news about male prostitutes posing as women. Surprisingly her investigation discovered that almost all ladies of the evening are actually men in disguise.

Knowing that his/her livelihood was threatened Norma Jean just might have been forced to take drastic measures…like murder.