Jack is a chef at a popular restaurant in the city called Chez Rongeur. He always has a spatula in his ear, a skillet in his mouth or a funnel on his head. He has a reputation around the city as a temperamental genius. His cooking’s not so great and he has no other particular talents so how he came upon the genius reputation is a bit of a mystery. The temperamental part is right there for everyone to see.

The management at Chez Rongeur hasn’t been able to fire Jack because of his explosive and unpredictable behavior. Despite the fact that all he makes at the restaurant is head and liver cheese sandwiches on white bread with too much mayonnaise, if confronted with even the slightest criticism he’s likely to hurl a cleaver at his accuser.

Jack’s maimed or killed dozens of waiters and customers of Chez Rongeur but he still shows up every morning and starts making his sandwiches. Everyone who’s tried to fire the chef has ended up with a cleaver smack in the middle of the forehead. When the police arrived to take him to the pokey they ended up with cleavers in their foreheads too. Eventually with all the corpses piling up everyone just decided to humor Jack and leave him to his business. Sadly, if all the sandwiches he makes in a given day aren’t ordered and eaten he runs out of the kitchen and starts slicing away at anybody within arms reach.

When the restaurant isn’t filled to capacity he combs the streets, cleaver in hand, finding people to occupy any empty seats at Chez Rongeur. The food’s bad and always the same, but the place is always full and if anyone complains Jack might start hacking away at them with his meat cleaver. So Chez Rongeur keeps turning a profit; and as long as people keep wandering or being dragged in there’s no reason to change the status quo.

But when Anna came in the other night she just couldn’t keep her trap shut. “I’m not eating head and liver cheese sandwiches…bring me a steak!” she yelled. Well, this sent Jack into frenzy he came running out of the kitchen with knives in both hands. Anna dashed out into the night with the temperamental chef hot on her trail. That was the last time anyone saw either one of them.