Buster is a loan shark and bookie from the wrong side of the tracks, the side of the tracks where all the hoodlums dwell. As everyone knows it’s best to stay on the right side of the tracks, the wholesome side, the side where hard-working men and women wash their horseless carriages on their days off and save their pennies in shoeboxes under the bed. Guys like Buster grow up tough. Their childhoods are spent crossing over to the opposite side of the tracks to steal shoeboxes of pennies from underneath kindly folks’ beds.

Anna Himalaya had had a number of run-ins with Buster due to her insatiable habit of betting on the ponies. Pony races are a hot item in the city. Buster and his cronies, when not running numbers, are busy fixing pony races. Recently Anna lost big. Rumor has it that at the time of her death she owed the bookie over a quarter million simoleans.

If you happen to run into Buster during your investigation you might want to bring up the fact that he’s been accused of murder 217 time in the past four months.