You stare in fascination as Burghard replaces the magic heart in the chest cavity of the lifeless king. He smiles as the corpse jerks back to life. The king grins his vicious grin and exclaims, "I feel like a new man. I’m going to fly back to Europe and burn down a few orphanages. But I got to padlock the doors first." Then he stands up, dusts himself off and heads for the door.

Sirens wail from outside. Tallulah must have called the police. They’re going to want to arrest somebody, probably everybody.

As Burghard escorts the Batgirl toward the shadows you stop him and ask, "But what about your older brother? Where is the missing Bohemian?"

"How the hell should I know?" he barks over the sound of the wailing sirens, "Now go get arrested and leave us alone."

The old Batman steps forward. A spotlight appears from nowhere bathing him in dramatic light. He holds one finger up and exclaims, "I, yes I, am Sigfried Steiner, the missing Bohemian. I disguised myself as a costumed crime fighter and disappeared into the crowd of other costumed crime fighters. I was hoping to find the Scarlet Heart, which I had originally stolen, but was then stolen from me. And how better to snoop around unnoticed than dressed up like just another Batman?"