The Batgirl looks at the Scarlet Heart in her hand. "This magic Heart used to belong to the former king of Bohemia. Now it belongs to the present king, none other than the missing Sigfried Steiner," she explains. "The former king had this magical heart placed in his chest replacing his failing heart. That way he might live forever."

"If that were the case then Sigfried would never become king of Bohemia," you resolve.

"That’s right," explains Burghard, "but if a guy wants to live forever that’s his prerogative. You can’t just go and steal his magic heart."

"Yeah," you concede, "you can’t just take a guy’s magic heart."

All the Batfolk turn to look at you like the idiot you are. Burghard quickly snatches the Scarlet Heart away from the Batgirl. "That’s some mighty fast snatching there Burghard," she expresses, "Do you want to go have some sex in the shadows?"

"Do you mind a little gonorrhea?" he answers.

"Not in the least."

"Excuse me," you interrupt, " can we get back to solving the case? Will you please explain to me how we’re going to set things straight?"