You snatch the Heart from Tallulah faster than a speeding bullet and toss it to Burghard. Tallulah slaps your face and runs out of the room. Faster than your extraordinarily fast snatch, the little guy dressed like Robin snatches it from Burghard. Even faster, the Batgirl snatches it from him.

Burghard sighs and says, "That’s some mighty fast snatching."

"I went to a special school," answers the Batgirl. "So what have you got to say, Burghard? What’s the big secret?"

"Well for one thing," Burghard explains, "I know you were sleeping with my older brother, Sigfried."

"Oh you bitch," cries the little Robin, "I thought he was true to me."

"Simmer down my diminutive friend, Sigfried was loyal to no one. He wasn’t loyal to his brother or his thousands of lovers. Make that tens of thousands of lovers. It’s actually extraordinary that that old bastard could have slept with so many people and never have caught a single venereal disease. Yet I, his younger brother, would only know the love of one woman and get the most painful case of running gonorrhea imaginable. But that’s beside the point. The fact is, you Batfolk have the Heart, but you have no right to have it. It belongs to someone else. It belongs to its rightful owner. It belongs to its owner, the person that has the right to own it. Are you following me?"

You clear you throat and look at the ceiling.