"Tallulah, the choice is yours to make," explains the girl in the Batperson outfit. "You can do the right thing, give us the Scarlet Heart so we can return it to it’s rightful owner, or you can do the wrong thing, keep it and release its evil potential out on the world. What’s it going to be lady? Right or wrong?"

"Oh gee," replies Tallulah, "that’s a hard one." She turns and looks at you. "What about you? What do you think I should do? Do you think I should do the right thing or the wrong thing?"

Everybody stares at you. The ball’s in your court. Should you advise Tallulah to keep the Scarlet Heart or hand it over to the authorities? The authorities in this case being a bunch of nuts dressed up like characters out of Batman comics.

Suddenly another figure steps into the room, the figure of Burghard Steiner. He tells you that he’s solved the case and would be willing to explain the whole thing if everyone would only listen. He claims with genuine sincerity that he can make sure the Heart gets back to its rightful owner. Tallulah reemphasizes that she’s in a conundrum, and would love to keep her Scarlet Heart, but is willing to leave the decision up to you. Then she gives you a sly wink.

Whose will should you follow? Whose? Whose?