You enter the Lyric Theatre to find an altercation in progress. The old theatre has been all but abandoned, but there’s still some occupied office space on the first floor. You see that Tallulah Bankhead is here and is taunting a group of people in Batfolk costumes with a very strange looking object.

"Give us the Scarlet Heart, lady," commands a little fellow dressed as Robin.

"What’s in it for me?" replies Tallulah.

"Look lady," commands the old guy dressed up like the Batman, "that’s some pretty powerful voodoo you got there. How did you happen to come by it anyway?"

"Oh, this little thing? It’s just something I picked up."

"Picked up from where?" roars a lady in a Batgirl outfit as she steps out of the shadows.

"From a hidden drawer in a locked and guarded vault in a secret sub-subbasement of the Steiner Bank," Tallulah answers, "It was just laying there in plain sight. Well, not so much in plain sight as in a chained box with a skull and cross bones painted on it, but in sight none the less."

You can stay and watch the action or head back out.