Here’s the Berney Bank Building home of the Berney Bank. The Berney Bank is owned by the Berney brothers, Bernie Berney and Barney Bank Berney, long-time rivals of the Steiner Brothers. The Berney brothers used to own large chunks of the city before being out-maneuvered by the more unscrupulous Steiners. While the Steiners had no qualms about foreclosing on any widow or orphanage that was even a millisecond late on their payments, the Berney brothers had a conscience. Thus they lost most of their business to the increasingly powerful and wealthy Steiners. So if this tale is to have a moral let’s make it: "Be evil. Have no regard for anyone or anything and you’ll wind up on top in the end." Every story should have a moral.

You hear the Bat Bus up the street getting ready to take off on its route. Down the street you see a lady standing in front of the Music Box, a famous record store. As you decide which way to go you wonder if the Berney brothers might have wanted to get rid of Sigfried in order to exact revenge for past evil deeds.