"Tallulah, Tallulah Bankhead," you call to her, "how are you doing?"

"Are you talking to me?" she smugly replies.

"Well, let me think," you retort, "I believe I said ‘Tallulah, Tallulah Bankhead, how are you doing.’ In reflection I believe it’s fair to assume that I was talking to you, Tallulah Bankhead."

"Now listen," she snorts, "I happen to be a very important person in this town."

"Oh yeah," you mock, "I thought you were just some minion at the Steiner Bank."

"You know," she comments as she looks at you through the corner of her eye, "you’re starting to sound like a local. Next you’ll be dressing in a Bat costume and acting all irrational like some character out of Alice in Wonderland"

Realizing how right she is you decide to apologize and back off.