You enter the spooky old church, which is supposed to be haunted by a Phantom. As you shut the door behind you, you see a cloaked figure in the shadows. Your heart races as you stumble over your own feet trying to escape the shadowy menace. When your eyes grow accustomed to the dark you realize that it’s just another guy in a Batman outfit.

"Don’t tell me you’re the Phantom?" you exclaim.

"OK, I won’t."

"Are you the Phantom?"

"You told me not to tell you."

You can feel a headache coming on. "I’ve changed my mind. I really want to know. Are you the Phantom?"

"Well technically," he answers, "the Phantom is a syndicated cartoon character in the newspaper. I’m the, or rather a, Batman. As you must know Batman is a character from comic books, though his adventures have been serialized in newspapers from time to time."

Your head pounds. "OK, let me try this again. This church is supposed to have a phantom. Are you that Phantom?"

"In a word, yes and no."

"Come back?"

"Yes there was a time when haunting this place in my cloak I was considered some kind of unique apparition. But now the whole town's gotten into the act and I’m just another guy in a Batman outfit."



You decide to leave him to his haunts.