When you walk inside the Temple of YHWH you find a place of sober study and reflection. The phone rings and the secretary, Barbara Gordenstein answers with an angry tone. "What the hell do you want?"

You can only hear her side of the conversation, but you’re able to figure out what’s going on. "Look, these guys have been scouring the old holy books for years, what more do you want?…They haven’t had a bite to eat since 1923….Yes…No…Yes…I think you’re being unreasonable….I would say they’re nothing but skin and bones, but the skin’s been gone for some time now." She looks sympathetically behind her, "Have you guys come to a conclusion yet?"

"The chicken," cries the first.

"No, the egg," answers the second.

Barbara eyes the ceiling and sighs, "Call back in another month or so. Surely they should have an answer by then."

You decide not to wait.