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I am a bit confused as to your title .Is it separation of God or Church? Anyway, Not to sound like a religious zealot, the biggest problem with Christianity today is religion. And this can include any other belief or"Faith". People tend to get so caught up in Religion, ie...following a Church doctrine to the point it becomes consuming, That they loose sight of the real purpose. FAITH!

You say calling yourself a true Christian you have to believe...STOP! A true Christian does not have to believe, He or she DOES believe. Not on any magic, but on true faith.

Many learned people speak of religion, doctrine, teachings but always seem to leave out faith. Faith is not something that you can see or touch. It is not some magic potion or spell, But trust me ,It is real!

If you are looking for some physical evidence, you will search all of your life and not see the forest because of the trees. You say you want to see something magical or supernatural. What would seem supernatural to us is natural to God. And lets not get caught up in this New Age movement. It is just an excuse to not be responsible for ones self, and to make one equal to God and that can never happen.

Be you a Christian, Jew, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist or any of the Maria of religions or faiths that people believe, they all have one thing in common, FAITH. Nothing that you can apply a noun to. Nothing physical...except that inner physical feeling that comes with true Faith.

Thanks for listening.