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Separation of God and State is wrong.

Letters to the Editor:

American tax payers are paying some $400,000 to for the Chaplains Offices, so that the chaplains are there to open the legislative sessions with a prayer to God for guidance. And even give guidance in the legislators private lives. But in our schools, where the Nation's future leaders outlook on life is molded, the word God is forbidden. Our leaders should stop this shameful hypocrisy. The Founding Fathers believed in God, but did not want the new Republic to discriminate anyone because of one's RELIGION, (the way to serve God), as was happening in England and many other countries in the world. Separation of Religion (Church), and State is not the same as Separation of God and State. The Native Americans, Moslemism, Judaism, Christianity all encourage to honor and serve God, the maker of heaven and earth, but in different ways. Our God should be honored in our Constitution, as it is in the Declaration of Independence. That should put an end to these frivolous lawsuits, and allow prayers,- and if the tax payers so desire, like for the legislators; even chaplains for the school children.
Sincerely, Eino Salminen.