Down at Ensley City Hall police chief Pappy Oneye explains that Torso Lad killed Railroad Bill when it turned out he was actually Col. Heathcliff's first born son. You see Heathcliff left his entire fortune (consisting of 90% of the real estate in Ensley township) to his oldest living son. Everyone assumed he meant Torso Lad, but he was actually referring to his bastard son, Railroad Bill. Col. Heathcliff Ensley had produced a love child with a woman outside his immediate family. This kid had all kinds of problems and made nothing more of himself than a hobo. But Heathcliff loved Railroad Bill despite the fact he always denied conceiving him.

The only way Torso lad could maintain the high life to which he was so addicted would be to somehow remove himself of his older half brother.

Torso lad had to kill him. Had to in his sick mind.

Case solved!